Land, Sea & Air Freight

Worldwide Transport

We specialise in shipments to Afghanistan, Dubai, Turkey, Pakistan, India, China....

Customs Handling

Exports & Imports

We can provide you with world-wide transport solutions by road, sea and air rapidly, reliably and efficiently into Europe, America, Asia


Business Solutions

  • Business Solutions

    We can have your goods collected cheaply "ex works" from UAE and from all European countries We will ensure that your goods are packed or stowed and ...

About SFM

SFM can provide you with an all-inclusive service along the whole process chain. From planning, to service preparation, to permanent controlling of the logistic processes. At our company you will always find tailor-made solutions from a single source.


Quality - Efficacy - Flexibility

SFM brings you not just thorough professional knowledge, but also a high degree of flexibility and efficacy. Our work aims constantly at the highest level of quality, service and reliability. Our focus is always on our customers and partners.



S F M is a member of the following organizations:

FIATA (International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations)

VHSp (Association of UAE Forwarders)

BSL ( National Association for Freight Forwarding and Logistics, Spedition and Logistic e. V.)

TOP Logistics Association, NETHERLANDS


We are rightly known among our customers as Modern Transport Service.



  • 01.Truck consignments to Afghanistan, Turkey and Central Asia
  • 02.Shipment world-wide. Container carriage world-wide. ┬áContainer packing
  • 03.Customs handling for exports and imports. Storage and packing