We can provide you with world-wide transport solutions by road, sea and air rapidly, reliably and efficiently into specially afghanistan, Asia, Africa, and all countries of the Near and Middle East.


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Our Main Destinations

We specialise in shipments to Afghanistan,Dubai, Turkey, Pakistan, India, China, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kirgizstan, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Paraguay, Costa Rica, Chile, Uruguay, Brazil and Argentina.Other main delivery destinations are African countries, such as Angola, Nigeria, Togo and Ghana.

Should you be planning a relocation, our company will ensure you have a low-priced and stress-free move world-wide.


We can provide you with shipments from all Afghan border towns (Torkham,Nemroz,Herat Hairaton, Towraghondi, Islam Qala or Sher Khan Bandar) to all cities in Afghanistan, including all customs formalities.


As a result of our many years' experience and our expert agents at local level, we can offer you a broad range of logistic services for all ISAF and NATO camps, and for all bases in Afghanistan.


On-carriage services to Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Kazakhstan, or via Karachi (Pakistan) to Afghanistan are part of our daily work. We shall be glad to give you the benefit of our expertise.



Complete Logistic & Transport

SFM offers you a complete logistic and transport service, all from a single source.


Our comprehensive portfolio covers:


- Shipment world-wide

- Container carriage world-wide

- Container packing with vehicles

- Truck consignments to Afghanistan,Turkey and Central Asia

- Air freight world-wide

- Customs handling for exports and imports

- Storage and packing

- Side-loader service

- World-wide relocation


  • 01.Truck consignments to Afghanistan,Turkey and Central Asia
  • 02.Shipment world-wide. Container carriage world-wide. Container packing
  • 03.Customs handling for exports and imports. Storage and packing